SalesBasix’s sales training classes have been successfully completed by a wide variety of industry leaders. Business development e-learning has helped both new and well-established companies receive that extra boost in productivity and profits. SalesBasix offers a range of sales classes that can be chosen to meet the needs of individuals or sales teams. See what major business leaders are saying about our proven-to-be courses in business development e-learning.

Jason T. Ryan, Sales Executive, Groupon

“My experience with the SalesBasix training modules has helped me to create more structure with our sales process through effective prospecting, sales-based presentations and closing sales. The modules have helped us refine how we approach our sales cycle.”

Elizabeth Gomez, CEO, Transtar International

“I found the SalesBasix product to be both informative and relevant to my position. The interactive exercise at the end was helpful and the real-time comments and critique of my performance was great.  SalesBasix does a nice job.”

Kimberlie A. Buchanan, CPA, Principal, Director of Practice Growth and Client Service, Rehmann Group

“I wanted to touch base and thank you for the wonderful opportunity to take the SalesBasix e-learning modules.  Being in the sales industry, it's imperative to continue my education, and so I may be the best at what I do.  Taking the SalesBasix modules is an easy and effective way to learn or brush up on the sales techniques needed to get on or stay on track…”

Kathy Thomas, National Sales Trainer, Alfred Angelo Bridal

“Over the past year, I’ve participated in many of the SalesBasix training modules and have found them to be very useful. I’ve incorporated many of the key takeaways from the modules and have created a solid sales plan for 2012. I recommend the SalesBasix modules for anyone who needs to be educated or re-educated on best business practices in Sales, Marketing, Social Media and Public Relations.”

Mike Pircer, President, MAP Business Solutions

“I found the SalesBasix sales track to be informative and communicated in a succinct and easy-to-understand fashion. It provided a clear sales system from beginning to end, which allowed me to stay on track as I progressed forward from prospecting to the eventual ‘close’ and ultimately the sale. The modules allowed me to get a better understanding of where I was in the selling cycle. This helped me to better know where my clients are in my sales pipeline which made me better at my sales forecasts. I enjoyed them and would recommend them to the new or the experienced sales professional.” 

Chris Norton, Account Director, 118id

"Recently I participated in the SalesBasix training module on overcoming objections using the PEPP-C (Probe, Empathize, Present, Prove, Close) model. I found the training extremely beneficial, easy to use, and very convenient as the training is done online. I was not formally trained in sales so these quick, affordable training sessions have been great."

Scott Crosby, President and CEO, Associated Builders and Contractors – San Diego