Retail Case Studies

Clothing Store: Develop a program to increase sales from an existing customer base

A store wished to increase existing customer sales. We created a mascot to brand the store and a program to promote a series of sales and in-store promotions. The store saw an average increase of 18% per year for six years.

Travel Agency: Create an advertising campaign to generate leads

Needing to increase leads, a travel agency tagged us to develop a program to differentiate them from the competition. The message “For a good time call…” was developed and graphically displayed on a brick wall. In addition to increasing the number of calls to the client, the program also won a Billboard Campaign of the Year award.

Bowling/Entertainment Centers: Develop a program to increase activity in bowling/entertainment centers

The owner of several bowling and entertainment centers needed to increase sales in a stagnant market. We developed a branding strategy and various programs that included in-house promotions, school and organization incentives, direct mail and newspaper ads that resulted in a 21% sales increase.

Office Products & IT Services: Brand a local company to compete with big box stores

The need to compete with national “big box” chains is a challenge many local business owners face. We helped an owner of an office product store develop a new corporate image, mascots and strategy that helped drive sales to various divisions in the company under one umbrella brand.

Office Supply Company: Compete with big box retailers

A second-generation office supply and equipment business with two locations was experiencing its worst revenue and profit results in decades. These results were being caused by weakening economic conditions, big box competitors commoditizing the industry, and lack of a corporate sales strategy that was specific in identifying, targeting, selling and marketing to the “right” customers and prospects. Consequently, prospecting efforts had declined to nearly zero, and the company was unable to maintain or grow sales. We built, implemented and reinforced a new sales strategy and plan that has increased sales activity by 30%, and implemented a stronger and more driven sales culture that has produced results.

Lumber Yard: Sales strategy, staffing, tools and management overhaul

A third generation lumber yard with four locations had faced years of declining sales because of increased commoditization, a loss of relationships and lack of sales representative productivity. Our solution combined sales strategies, staffing, training tools and management services to drive an increase in its sales results and profitability and a change in the culture from one of general apathy to hope for the future.