Residential Construction Case Studies

Custom Home Builder: Improve corporate image and marketing messages

A custom home builder needed to upgrade its corporate image to reflect the higher end homes it was building. We created a new logo and corporate identity that maintained a connection with their past while reflecting a more sophisticated company. We then developed a program that consisted of newspaper advertising, direct mail, billboards, brochures and website. The program was used for the company and each of its new developments. In creating their horizontal marketing, we developed a message that offered guarantees to alleviate the major concerns of homeowners. This message and promotion resulted in a 261% sales increase over three years.

Condominium Developer: Develop program to drive traffic to a condominium development

A developer of a 400+ unit condominium community had seen traffic in the model/office drop significantly, despite working with a marketing company that specialized in real estate. We suggested employing the consumer-based technique of using a stylized and professional mascot to draw attention to their newspaper advertisements. The traffic on the weekend the first ad ran tripled and held steady through subsequent ads. The mascot was utilized throughout the company’s marketing material.

Foundation Contractor: Develop program to improve corporate image, messages and sales

A poured wall contractor targeting home builders believed no type of marketing would help increase sales with the home builder market because its services were mid-priced. After working through our messaging strategy, we developed value statements educating the builders that it was less expensive to work with this contractor because of the guarantees they offered. The result was a return of more than 200% on their marketing investment.

Custom Home Builder: Improve corporate image and marketing messages

A commercial contractor and developer wanted to launch a residential community for commuters to adjacent but distant towns. With only a name for the company and several house plans, we were able to create a corporate identity, marketing messages and an advertising program that included brochures, website, direct mail newspaper advertising, development signage and billboards to reach commuter traffic on the busy highway running between the two towns.

Custom Home Builder: Improve corporate image and marketing messages

Focusing on building $1 million+ custom homes, the client had developed an approach that enabled buyers to completely customize their homes; truly a “if you want it, we will build it” philosophy. We developed a new corporate image and messages to be carried through a complete marketing program. The strategies and materials we developed were able to be modified for the client to break into regions across the country.