Professional and Other Services Case Studies

Accounting Firm: Improve corporate image, marketing messages and return on marketing investment

A 60-year-old accounting firm needed to update its corporate image and marketing messages to be more cohesive. We developed a rebranding and proactive campaign through effective market channels that resulted in increased leads and appointments.

Financial Planning Advisor: Develop new company image and program for age-specific markets

We created a new corporate image for a financial planning advisor, along with sales material specific to age groups within his client base. The result was the ability to increase client business based on profitability and long term potential.

Security Officer Services: Develop a new corporate image and cohesive marketing and sales program to cross- sell expanding service divisions

A security officer services company was expanding its service division and needed to develop messages to cross-sell the services. In addition, their corporate image did not reflect recent acquisitions that enabled the company to offer services internationally. A new corporate image and identity were developed, as well as a complete sales material program. This resulted in increased national recognition. An expansion campaign also was developed to purchase security guard companies in other states, which resulted in four opportunities for acquisitions.

Architectural firm: Drive market awareness

A newly established architectural firm was looking to drive market awareness and new business results. Their progress was being hindered by a lack of market and industry data; a specific, targeted prospect profile; and a customized sales plan that was specific to each individual responsible for sales results. We were engaged to research market and industry potential and to select and purchase the contact information for prospects that fit the targeted prospect profile. By developing and documenting a specific targeted prospect profile, we helped generate optimism, excitement and greater passion toward the future, resulting in a more focused sales direction and higher per hour sales productivity is now generated.

Finance Company: Diversify into other industries

A finance company had faced two years of declining sales, typical in an industry that was significantly down due to the tightening of the credit market. In addition, the finance company gravitated to one industry – construction - and that industry was in massive decline. Consequently, there was a decrease in overall revenues and margins for the organization and a decrease in sales representative productivity. We implemented strategies to successfully sell to new industries and markets, resulting in an increase in sales and annual revenue surpassing any prior year’s results.

Property Management: Increase occupancies and sales

A property management company was faced with a decline in occupancy percentages at its manufactured home communities throughout the United States. This led to a decrease in revenues for the organization, resulting in a pay freeze for the property management staff. An increase in site vacancies led to a corresponding increase in maintenance costs. Our creation of a strategic sales program, supported by one-on-one coaching sessions to reinforce it, produced an immediate increase in close ratios, and a 50% decrease in vacancies within six months.

Marketing Promotions Company: Redesign sales strategy

A long standing and highly successful promotional products and marketing firm was struggling with new business development. Revenues had declined, annual sales representative productivity had decreased and profit margins had shrunk. We worked with the company to design, document and roll out a specific sales strategy and plan that would enable greater sales activity and results. We built a customized sales training program that has expanded market awareness due to an increase in sales activity by more than 100%. In addition, value has increased in the eyes of the customers being served and prospects being sold to.