Manufacturing Case Studies

Machine & Consumable Manufacturer: Develop a cohesive marketing program with a consistent image and improved messages

Working with the client, an international manufacturer and supplier of machines and consumables, we developed a program consisting of direct mail, trade publication advertising, Internet product bulletins, a 175-page e-commerce website, trade shows and response materials. Several members of their in-house sales team reported the effectiveness of the new materials, with one sales representative indicating he had previously made contact with a potential customer over a dozen times with no success. After sending this customer the new corporate brochure we developed, he gained the opportunity to bid on work.

Roofing Manufacturer: Develop a trade show program to increase booth traffic

Having completed many projects for a global manufacturer of flat roof systems and its various sister companies, we were retained to develop, write and design specific campaigns for additional companies such as plastics manufacturer and screw manufacturer. Projects have included brochures, catalogs, mailers, publication advertisements and trade show displays. Our work resulted in a 9.2% response and an increase in trade show booth visits from 26 the previous year to 185.

CNC Machine Shop: Develop a program to generate more requests for bids

A CNC machine shop with a primarily automotive customer base needed to increase leads in other industrial markets. We developed a new logo, corporate image, and a program consisting of direct mail, follow-through calls, and a website. The result was a 12% response rate from potential new customers to submit bids.

OEM Manufacturer: Design a new corporate identity and develop a program to increase leads

An OEM manufacturer needed to update its corporate identity and develop a cohesive advertising, sales and dealer program to increase leads and sales. One portion of this initiative was the development of a new trade show program, which drove significantly more traffic to the redesigned booth, resulting in multiple sales during the course of the show.

Equipment Systems Manufacturer: Design a new corporate identity and develop a program to increase leads

A manufacturer of coating, batching and weighing equipment needed to update its corporate image and develop a cohesive advertising and sales program to increase leads and sales. The program included new sales material, a trade show display and website. One specific result was an ongoing prospecting call campaign that routinely results in 20%- 30% requests for more information. Another is an e-bulletin campaign to current customers, which has generated several new bid opportunities.

Valve Manufacturer: Develop target market and product-specific program to increase leads

A second-tier manufacturer wanted to increase its presence in specific target markets. Product names and logos, advertising campaigns, press releases, sales and trade show materials were developed to connect with the target markets. One product press release resulted in an article in the trade publication and several leads. The target market trade show display resulted in a contract with a major OEM.

Machine Tool Manufacturer: Overhaul entire sales program

A 45-year-old machine tool and EDM supply company had faced two years of stagnant sales and the industry as a whole was down 37%. This had resulted in a decrease in overall revenues and margins for the organization, a decrease in sales representative productivity, and sales representative and operations staff apathy. We devised strategies needed to successfully sell to the company’s markets, staffing, and tools, and provided interim management. The company recorded double-digit increases in sales results and annual revenue surpassing any prior year’s results.

Valve and Fitting Manufacturer: Redesign go-to-market strategy

A 60-year-old manufacturer of world class valves and fittings had experienced three straight years of declining revenues and profits due to the quickly declining economic situation in the United States, a lack of past or present proactive sales or marketing efforts, and a lack of internal expertise to design and implement a sales program, plan or process. The company engaged us to change their go-to-market strategy by pursuing greater diversification of industries and increased breadth of market coverage. We also established proactive sales activities and training, and a reinforcement program to ensure the sales plan and training were correctly deployed.

Manufacturing Firm: Save business for successful ownership transition

A manufacturing firm engaged in planning for the transition to retirement of ownership and management faced significant marketplace events that threatened the past business model as well as the retirement planning. To ensure the successful transition, we established a proactive, professional sales process, upgraded the quality and quantity of the sales staff and determined appropriate accountabilities to ensure ongoing success. Over a two-year period, the company accomplished its goals successfully transitioned management from the owner to a new senior vice president. The company is now growing sales at 16% a year with an adjusted annual growth target of 20% going forward.

Food Manufacturer: Develop framework for national sales launch

A food manufacturer was looking to grow its national exposure through the use of independent sales representative firms calling on national grocery stores but didn’t have experience in a formal sales process or the management of such an initiative. We developed the framework for a successful national launch, formalizing sales representative roles and responsibilities and initiating a formal management program to ensure proper management of independent representatives. The company now sells its products nationally and has grown its distribution network exponentially.

Tool and Die Company: Build a proactive sales program

A tooling company had experienced stagnant revenue growth for nearly a decade. This occurred while the industry was becoming increasingly more competitive within the United States, creating fewer sales opportunities due to the influx of foreign competition. We were hired to build and implement a proactive sales program designed to maximize the company’s value, market potential and staff. Working with ownership at the company, we not only designed and implemented the program, but also managed the success of the program going forward. Consequently, sales increased to a level of 200% over that of the average previous quarters, and the company now has the experience and tools for a continued proactive sales program based on their market, its decision makers, buying processes and purchasing criteria.