Health Care Case Studies

Teaching Hospital: Develop a program to grow a residency program

A teaching hospital needed to increase the number of residents in its program. Using a vertical marketing strategy, we developed a campaign that targeted medical students with messages and sports-themed imagery based on the residency program they had chosen to pursue. The program included teaser direct mail that concluded with an interactive CD/DVD presentation, as well as print and Internet material. The program was so effective the hospital was able to continue using it for several years with virtually no changes.

Pediatric Practice: Develop a program to launch a new pediatric practice

A physician new to the area was seeking to launch a new practice. With no patients, she hired us to help develop a direct mail program to build her patient base. After four mailings over the course of a year-long program, the new physician had nearly 100 patients.

Medical Group: Develop an new identity for a family practice and increase patient base

An established group of physicians joined together to form a family practice group. We created the name and corporate identity for the group and then developed and implemented a program to increase the patient count. After the first six months of the program, the group had accepted 300 new patients.

Clinical Trials Program: Develop program to increase participants in clinical trials

Working with a hospital that conducted clinical trials, we developed a program to help increase the number of participants in its test programs. Within months, the number of participants had increased by 300% over the previous year, when they utilized an in-house program.