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Social Media e-Learning

For those of us over 30, nothing strikes more suspicion and fear into our hearts than trying to understand social media and its implications for our businesses.  On the one hand, there is ample data proving social media is a solid and viable way to communicate.  On the other hand, our moms’ words of advice echo with social media overtones: “Just because little Johnnie jumped off the Twitter bridge doesn’t mean you have to.”

Whether you are sold on social media or not, the evidence shows that this is the way future generations will communicate, network, and decide what to buy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the latest consumer gadget, an airline ticket, your manufactured product, or a professional service - people and the companies for which they work are determining whether to buy based on their respective “networks.”

For those who have taken the dive and created LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages, we realize that setup is the easy part of the process. Using them is the hard part. Generally, that’s where the 40-, 50- and 60-somethings tend to stop. Then we search out information on how to use these tools – all for free! And then we realize why it’s all free.

That is why SalesBasix chose to offer e-learning social media sales training classes. They’re for those trying their best to understand the phenomenon, and for those daring enough to forge ahead and actually use it!

Our online social media sales classes are full of easy-to-follow directions, practical advice and the step-by-step directions you need in order to assess whether you are going to take your team (or yourself) down this path, and then to actually take the leap.

No matter your technical expertise, SalesBasix has you covered with all you need to know to begin tweeting, to strategically market yourself on Facebook or LinkedIn, or to know how to respond when someone asks where you are in the blogosphere.

We’ll show you what each of these applications are, demonstrate how to use them, and provide a blueprint for taking your company into these exciting and rapidly developing communications media. Business development e-learning and social media sales training classes can bring your company up to speed with the current high-tech times.

Our online social media sales training classes can be taken in the order indicated, independently or as a package.  Please browse our list of online training modules and pricing packages to decide what best meets your needs. If you require more one-on-one help, feel free to contact us through our contact page or consult one of our subject matter experts to help you decide which sales training classes might work best based on your individual needs.