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Introduction to Public Relations
Press Releases and Pitching the Media
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Crisis Communications

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Public Relations e-Learning

Public relations, as a profession, evolved out of the propaganda efforts of World War II.  And, for many people, that element of propaganda – of trying to “spin” facts to be favorable to an organization – is the notion they still have of the PR discipline.

But for savvy organizations, public relations is a strategic function, initiated at the top management level and dedicated to ensuring an organization considers all of its constituencies – or publics – in any major course of action.

So partly, public relations is about crafting messages specifically targeted to each of those publics – employees, customers, and the media, for example – and then engaging in two-way communication with each.  And partly, PR is about choosing a course of action, or deciding against a course of action, because the organization is sensitive to the implications to everyone involved.

Why all the history and theory?  Because understanding what real public relations is opens a world of opportunity to your company.  It provides a context and a framework into which not only sales and marketing – but also operations, legal, HR and many other functional business disciplines – can operate.  That’s why we include an online public relations training module specifically dealing with PR from the 30,000-foot level.  So you have a framework into which to place your other efforts, even if your business is small enough that you wear most of those hats yourself.

With all of that said, one of the most easily measured functions of public relations is publicizing a company’s products, services or events.  And whether you want to attempt the job yourself or engage a consultant or firm to do it for you, it helps to understand the key factors that need to be considered for writing and distributing a press release, or planning a press conference.

We also have included online trainings on crisis communications and public relations ethics, two topics that, ideally, are studied well before there is a sticky issue confronting your organization. 

Our e-learning public relations trainings can be taken in the order indicated, independently or as a package.  Please browse our list of online training modules and pricing packages to decide what best meets your needs. If you require more one-on-one help, feel free to contact us through our contact page or consult one of our subject matter experts to help you decide what program might work best based on your individual needs.