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Marketing e-Learning

For most business owners and sales professionals, marketing and advertising are mysterious realms at which you throw money.  Since most business and sales professionals have little or no formal marketing and advertising training, they often find themselves at the mercy of an outside firm.  The result: a lack of control, uncertain results and a hope that the dollars spent eventually equate to sales.

Hope is not a viable business strategy. That’s why we have applied years of experience as university instructors with hands-on experience in running successful marketing companies – as well as decades of creating and implementing successful marketing and advertising programs for hundreds of clients – in order to provide practical and usable marketing and advertising information. The online marketing and advertising trainings we have developed teach the baseline marketing and advertising information you need in order to develop and execute a successful marketing program.

Whether you need to increase your marketing knowledge base, establish your own marketing and advertising plan, or learn the information essential to assess the marketing and advertising firms to which you outsource, SalesBasix has you covered. Our e-learning marketing trainings cover topics from corporate image to design techniques, from strategy and planning to advertising and message development.

Our online marketing training offerings can be taken in the order indicated, independently or as a package.  Please browse our list of online training modules and pricing packages to decide what best meets your needs. If you require more one-on-one help, feel free to contact us through our contact page or consult one of our subject matter experts to help you decide what program might work best based on your individual needs.