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How to Tame Social Media

After initiating and maintaining a social media reboot at SalesBasix over the past 1-2 years we’ve come to realize that there are few accounts who have “tamed” the social media monster. Users read tweets and Facebook posts day in and day out, learn how to manage their accounts, learn how to reach more customers, learn […]

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Building Successful (and Meaningful) Business-Relationships

Building business relationships is a key skill to have in your back pocket. Those who have mastered it build professional relationships, friendships, create opportunities, and establish trust and rapport. Though networking events are still great places to create solid business-relationships, the digital marketing age has dictated that we also establish relationships through our websites, social […]

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What Makes Good Training Part 2

To me, the answer to “what makes good training” is “whatever training achieves behavior changes that allow the desired results of the training to be met.”  (And, yes – it must be measureable!) Maybe I make things too simple. But at the risk of making things too complex, I think you need to use basic […]

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What Makes Good Training Part 1

Answering this question reminds me of a joke I heard about the mathematician, an accountant and the economist applying for the same job. The interviewer calls in the mathematician and asks, “What do two plus two equal?” The mathematician replies, “Four.” The interviewer asks, “Four, exactly?” The mathematician looks at the interviewer incredulously and says […]

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Creating an Adaptable Company Overview

Creating adaptable, and attention grabbing, company overviews can be a tricky task. You have to talk about yourself, your company, your goals, your experience, etc. etc., add graphics, match your color schemes, and make sure it all looks cohesive. You also have to ensure that it does not look like you put everything together at […]

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Taking the Market Analysis Social

Some sales and marketing strategies die off over time. Others stick around forever. Some are so unique that they can adapt to fit the modern sales training environment. That’s what we love about the ODRC Probing Model. Whether you use social selling as your main form of prospecting, or you are a cold-caller, there are […]

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Developing a Market Analysis

As you’ve probably noticed, we put a lot of emphasis on the analysis and planning steps when it comes to the sales process. The reason why, is that very few sales professionals take the time to develop an effective analysis prior to entering the field. This mistake leads to more objections, more stalls, and fewer […]

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Why an Objection is a Good Sign

Objections during the sale are inevitable. Every sales person will have to overcome them at some point in their career. Your job, as the sales professional, is to not only overcome each objection, but also use them to your advantage. It would help to start with defining what an objection is. Objection– a logical concern […]

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The Importance of Agendas and Expectations

What do sales professionals want most? More sales, of course. What do sales professionals focus too much of their energy on in order to get more sales? Their close rate, close strategies, and how to get more prospects to the closing stage. There’s nothing wrong with improving your close rate or your close strategies, but […]

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Which Strategy is Right for Your Business?

Inbound or outbound marketing? Cold calling or social selling? Direct advertising or social media advertising? Direct mail or email? The list goes on… There are so many marketing and advertising agencies that swear by one strategy or another. Why do we have to choose only one? Honestly, we don’t. As a business owner, it is […]

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