Which Strategy is Right for Your Business?

Inbound or outbound marketing? Cold calling or social selling? Direct advertising or social media advertising? Direct mail or email? The list goes on… There are so many marketing and advertising agencies that swear by one strategy or another. Why do we have to choose only one? Honestly, we don’t. As a business owner, it is never wise to choose one marketing strategy over the other without seriously considering the benefits that using several might have for your business. Why limit yourself to social media alone, when you could also reach prospects through direct advertising? It only broadens your market reach.

Take the inbound v. outbound marketing strategy argument. Some companies swear by inbound marketing, and claim that outbound is old hat. That may actually be true, but consider the benefits if your business used both strategies. We don’t claim one strategy is better than another. The success that each marketing strategy has really depends on your business, your target market, and your goals. In inbound marketing, your customers find you, whether that’s through a google search, your blog, your website, etc. In outbound marketing, you find your customers. This is accomplished through direct mail and cold calling… oh that chilling and dreaded term.

Today, it really is difficult to believe that some people don’t use your blog, social media accounts, and website as decision points to buy your product/service. There are cases, however, where that is true. Some very viable prospects simply don’t connect with your business socially, so it is your job to find them. That’s where outbound marketing comes in. Though it is an older strategy, and one that seems like it’s being eclipsed by social selling, it is still a legitimate strategy to consider today.

In our previous blog post we discussed having to make difficult decisions when you hit a fork in the road as a business owner. There are definitely instances where you do have make a very black and white decision and choose one or the other. There are also instances where multiple options might be best. When choosing your marketing strategy, critically consider the pros and cons of using both inbound and outbound marketing, direct advertising and social media, and cold calling and social selling. When it comes to choosing a marketing strategy, you have the power to manipulate, add, subtract, and create what you want it to look like. For more ideas and complete lessons on strategies and planning, take a look at our eLearning courses:

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