Creating an Adaptable Company Overview

Creating adaptable, and attention grabbing, company overviews can be a tricky task. You have to talk about yourself, your company, your goals, your experience, etc. etc., add graphics, match your color schemes, and make sure it all looks cohesive. You also have to ensure that it does not look like you put everything together at the last minute- as if you set this important step off to the side. So what makes an adaptable company overview? We’ll show you.

At its core, an adaptable company overview will have 5 key components:

  1. Your company’s unique story
  2. Examples of your success
  3. Alignment of your overview with your prospect’s company
  4. The use of third-party material for graphics, images, etc.

If you can keep these 4 points as the core to your company overview, you’ll have a solid outline for any kind of company overview presentation, including elevator pitches, multiple prospect presentations in a boardroom, single prospect pitches in an office, or even a company overview sent via email or newsletter if you’re solely an online business. Outside of the 4 core elements listed above, the following elements will need to be added, subtracted, or mixed and matched to better fit your overview with your prospect(s):

  1. Color scheme
  2. Graphics (including size, shape, and how many)
  3. Industry language

Moreover, you’ll need to ask yourself these 2 key questions before creating your overview:

  1. What decision-makers will potentially see my overview?
  2. Will I send it via email or newsletter (only if you’re an online business)?

If you know, for example, that the decision-maker party is primarily made up of younger people, you’ll want to use more graphics and make sure your color scheme is correct. If the decision-maker party is primarily made up of an older generation, you may want to use fewer graphics, and focus heavily on using correct industry language, as well as a heavy focus on examples of your company’s success. In either case, however, you and your overview must be prepared to adapt for what can sometimes be an unpredictable environment. Remember to maintain the 4 key components throughout any of your company overviews, and be sure to deeply consider the 2 questions that you must ask yourself before diving into the project. For more resources and ideas on how to create an adaptable company overview presentation, check out our e-Learning course titled “Company Overview Presentations.

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