Taking the Market Analysis Social

Some sales and marketing strategies die off over time. Others stick around forever. Some are so unique that they can adapt to fit the modern sales training environment. That’s what we love about the ODRC Probing Model. Whether you use social selling as your main form of prospecting, or you are a cold-caller, there are probing methods out there that will help you do your job better. One of these timeless probing strategies is the ODRC Probing Model. Some of the more experienced sales professionals have probably used this model hundreds of times throughout their career. The younger generation, or the social selling crowd, for example, may not ever have heard of this model- which is why we are going to introduce it today, and show you how to take the market analysis social.

The ODRC probing model is a tool that sales professionals use to uncover key information that the buyer may unknowingly be keeping undercover, or information that is key to closing the sale. The high and low-impact needs that we talked about in our last post, for example, are key pieces of information that will either close or bust the sale. The model is a set of question types that the salesperson should incorporate into his or her approach.

  • Open questions- allows the prospects to respond freely and generally. This also allows for the opportunity to possibly uncover other impacts that could be added to your base sale.
  • Directive questions- Lead to a specific yes/no answer.
  • Reflective Questions- These questions always ask the person to think back to a prior situation, and generally start with: “When this occurred…” “Thinking back…” “When this happened…” These are important- emotion is a strong sales tool.
  • Closing Questions- A check point to make sure you have hit upon a real issue. Closing questions, however, are not the final close, just a close on a particular need.

These types of questions are excellent for in-person meetings, demonstrations, or prospecting appointments with the potential buyer. If mastered, they can be used over the phone as well. What most digital marketing enthusiasts and social sellers might not realize, is that these same types of questions can be applied to selling, marketing, and advertising through social media. The graphic below will help you apply the ODRC probing method to your social selling and digital marketing efforts.


Keep in mind that the ODRC Probing Model may need to be repeated a few times over, in order for you and your prospect to remain on the same page and still continue through the sales process. If you or your sales/marketing team are looking for something beyond the post, take a look at our e-learning course titled “Conducting an Effective Analysis.

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