How to Tame Social Media

After initiating and maintaining a social media reboot at SalesBasix over the past 1-2 years we’ve come to realize that there are few accounts who have “tamed” the social media monster. Users read tweets and Facebook posts day in and day out, learn how to manage their accounts, learn how to reach more customers, learn how to position themselves as the experts, and more. They study their metrics, their web traffic, and engage with people over the various platforms. Sure it’s possible, and some even find it easy, to manage all of these tasks. But, have we really reached the point where social media can be used as a tool that we can manipulate to our advantage, or is it a just another monster that we are constantly trying to feed and keep happy?

If the above paragraph describes what you or your team might be experiencing, please keep reading. We’ll give you 3 tips and tricks to help you convert your social media monster into an effective, and manipulative tool to use to your advantage. Check out the bullet point items below for a brief outline on what we will be covering:

  • Humanizing your business through Facebook
  • Creating a less intimidating and overwhelming Twitter feed
  • Being real without becoming fake

The first topic is humanizing your business through Facebook. In my personal experience, Facebook has always been the platform where I connect with closer friends and family, and Twitter is where I follow the famous and influential people. According to PEW Research, as of 2014, 39% of adult Facebook users have between 1-100 Facebook friends, and only 15% have more than 500 friends. Go ahead and check your personal Facebook friends list and compare it to how many people you follow on Twitter. The list of people you follow is most likely at least double the amount of friends you have on Facebook. This same principle applies to your business page for Facebook as well. It’s a powerful platform where you can create a more humanized and personal image of your company. For more information on how to do that, check out our eLearning course titled “Facebook My Business.

The next tip to taming your social media monster is to create a less intimidating Twitter feed. Similar to LinkedIn, Twitter allows users and businesses to connect with the famous and influential people both in and out of their industries. As cool as this can be, it also can lead to an extremely prevalent issue with the platform– your feed can become incredibly overwhelming. If you’ve been reading about how to win more Twitter followers, you know that you have to follow-back, follow more people, follow a diverse crowd of users, and follow some more. Before you know it, there are 2,000 tweets coming at you every 60 seconds. To avoid this problem, we strongly suggest creating lists. These lists allow you to break the accounts you follow into categories, where you can see only the tweets of the users that are tied to that specific list. This allows you to convert your home feed from an intimidating tidal wave of information, into manageable and enjoyable lists where you can view what information you want to view, when you want to view it.

Our last tip is being real without becoming fake. Again, if you’re a Twitter user, you probably experience this several times a day, typically through those obnoxious automatic direct messages (DMs). Twitter, more so than any other platform, opens an incredibly popular temptation– to automate your social media campaign. If being personal on social media is a key factor to success, why do we write automatic direct messages that immediately go out to new followers? The reason is, according to Digital Marketing Stats, only 29% of all Twitter users check their feed multiple times per day. That’s 29% of about 1 billion users. So, when you send out that automatic direct message, you have a higher likelihood of that new follower seeing your company’s name and info, rather than when you send one message when you get around to it. The decision, then, is up to you: do you send automatic messages that nobody reads with the higher likelihood that they see your name? Or, do you send a more personalized DM at your own time? If your goal is be real, then we suggest the latter. If you are at the stage where you must automatate your social media campaign, then we suggest the former.

We believe that if you apply these 3 principles to your social media campaign you will have, overall, a more enjoyable experience. We can tell you firsthand that our social media team applied these principles, and they have noticed a difference in how they operate the platforms. If you’d like to learn more about our social media principles, beyond what we’ve discussed here, check out our eLearning courses at our website. If you have your own suggestions on how to tame the social media monster, we’d love to hear them! Feel free to comment below, or shoot us a tweet @SalesBasix.




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