Building Successful (and Meaningful) Business-Relationships

Building business relationships is a key skill to have in your back pocket. Those who have mastered it build professional relationships, friendships, create opportunities, and establish trust and rapport. Though networking events are still great places to create solid business-relationships, the digital marketing age has dictated that we also establish relationships through our websites, social media pages, webinars, online demonstrations, etc. Today, we are in a unique position where business-relationships are still important to build, but the method by which we build them has evolved. Here, we’ll talk about 3 things you can do to ensure you and your business can adapt to the digital age of relationship-building.

#1 is be personal on social media. It has been said plenty of times, but it’s worth stating again: being personal on social media can go a long way. If you’re not on Facebook, Twitter, and especially LinkedIn, you could be missing out on some key relationship building opportunities. After all, these are “social” media websites. Here are a few things you can do to make your social media page or feed a bit more personal:

  • Ask questions relevant to your following
  • Share other influencer’s work
  • Spark conversation with an author based on the content you’ve read
  • Like, share, retweet, follow-back, etc.

#2 is don’t stop attending networking events! Networking events are great to connect with people one on one, or in small groups, face to face. Although social media is a great tool to connect with people who you cannot reach in person, connecting face to face can be the starting point of cultivating a healthy business-relationship. A few keys you’ll want to practice for your in-person networking event are:

  • Practice your elevator pitch
  • Bring business cards
  • Set goals! i.e. hand out 10 business cards, secure 3 demos/appointments, and 5 phone conversations at a later date.

#3 is differentiate your online content. So you’re on social media, you have an e-newsletter, and you offer weekly podcasts; great! So what do you talk about? Hopefully not the same topic on each platform. Your readers and followers don’t want to consume the same content every day of every week of every month. Give them something fresh! Here are a few things you can do to keep your readers engaged:

  • Develop a content-creation plan.
  • Schedule when your topics will be distributed through your channels, i.e. social media, webinar, podcast, etc.
  • Talk about topics that may be of interest to your following, but don’t over-niche yourself. Keep your options open.

In conclusion, remember to be personal on social media, don’t stop attending face-to-face networking events, and differentiate your online content. When these 3 items work in tandem, you will not only create MORE relationships, but you will also create more meaningful relationships. To take this topic a step further, visit our website and check out our online course titled “Building Trust and Rapport.” This course is designed to teach you about the buyer-seller relationships, how to find decision-makers, and most importantly, how to build rapport with your clients or prospects.

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