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Dark Data- What’s All the Commotion?

The term “dark data” has been gaining more and more popularity over the past several months. For some, this blog post is the first they’ve ever heard of the term. For others, they’ve known about this untapped asset for months. Maybe years. The central question surrounding the ominous title is not “What is it?” But […]

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Productivity- More Than Keeping a Clean Desk

It is significantly more comfortable to take the “easy” road that claims to lead to success. We consistently follow that road, and subtly lie to ourselves by burying solid truths beneath the lies that we use to justify our action- or rather, inaction. Everyone has experienced that feeling that tugs on you, begging you to […]

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Doing the Right Thing

In a moving ceremony before Sunday afternoon’s baseball game in Detroit, the Tigers paid tribute to longtime manager Sparky Anderson by retiring his number and adding his name to those of the other legendary Hall of Famers painted on the rightfield wall at Comerica Park. It was especially noteworthy because for many years the Tigers […]

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