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The Ideas Behind SalesBasix- Our Goals, Aspirations, History

As we’ve said on our homepage, SalesBasix was created with both corporate and personal eLearning sales training users in mind. Unfortunately, some clients get hung up on the word “corporate” and may get concerned that SalesBasix is not the right fit for their small business initiatives. Other clients get hung up on the phrase “personal […]

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Employee Retention and Millennials

Employee retention will grow to be a more influential problem year by year as more millennials enter the workforce. There is a trend, currently, that shows that most young people, college graduates, and 20 something’s, tend to work for no more than 3-4 years at one company. Moreover, 21% of full-time employees wanted to switch […]

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Adaptive v. Reactive Marketing Strategies

You’ve probably heard that it is better to have an adaptive sales and marketing strategy rather than a reactive strategy. That is true. It is impossible to effectively market your product/services if you are constantly reacting to the changing market environment. Utilizing an adaptive marketing strategy will allow you to take command of your market […]

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Business Strategy Trends- Social Media

It is no secret that history repeats itself. Rome was thought to have been undefeatable, yet it collapsed, and another empire rose up to fill the void. Just as great empires rise and fall, business strategies will ebb and flow with the growth of technology and better training. We often wonder what the world of […]

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