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Productivity- More Than Keeping a Clean Desk

It is significantly more comfortable to take the “easy” road that claims to lead to success. We consistently follow that road, and subtly lie to ourselves by burying solid truths beneath the lies that we use to justify our action- or rather, inaction. Everyone has experienced that feeling that tugs on you, begging you to […]

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Elearning v. Online Learning

The eLearning industry has grown rapidly over the past 5-10 years, yet we still struggle with defining exactly what eLearning is. Some think of eLearning as watching YouTube videos of lectures, or videos of an expert simply looking into a camera and speaking. Some videos contain graphics, art, and even exceptional content. But these “talking-head” […]

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Why List Posts Lack Power, and How You Can Fix It

When you scroll through your Twitter feed, how many guides to social media platforms do you see? They often are titled, “THE Guide to Getting Started on Twitter,” “4 Easy Steps to Get More Re-Tweets,” “7 Methods for Improving Your Facebook Reach” or something along those lines. There are numerous guides out there, but how […]

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Market Segmentation, Differentiation, and Positioning

A key component to increasing sales is through market segmentation. For business owners, and especially startup business owners, trying to find your target, or niche market can be challenging. Your industry, market, or niche, make up a vast ecosystem of complex interrelated parts that determine the world of marketing. How on earth do your future […]

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Defining Social Selling

We’ve been discussing social selling, social media, and creatives over the past few weeks. We’ve made the claim that phone prospecting is not dead, and that is in fact true. However, to be fair, it is important to recognize that certain sales and marketing strategies work more or less effectively depending on the industry in […]

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