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Getting Started with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a rapidly growing social media platform, and its uses and effectiveness are growing along with it. LinkedIn is widely viewed as the best professional networking tool, and its popularity is only increasing. Your profile, your company’s profile, and how you interact with others in your network, greatly influence how effective this service will […]

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10 Ways to Make Twitter Work for You

Social media is infinitely more popular today than it was even a year ago. With platforms like Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest on the rise, it is becoming more apparent that a business must have web-popularity in order to thrive. It is important to know how to work each social media platform, and how […]

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Setting Agendas and Expectations

Setting your agenda and establishing expectations may seem like a trivial task when it comes to the sales process, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Without setting an agenda, you risk falling away from the sales process which will prove costly. Without establishing expectations, you risk not being flexible and compromising for your […]

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How to Start Learning with SalesBasix

Here is a quick guide for how to sign up and purchase eLearning modules from SalesBasix. First, there are 4 main components to any business development program: 1. Selling 2. Marketing (including advertising) 3. Public Relations 4. Social Media These four components, when properly designed, perfectly aligned and relentlessly executed, yield tremendous sales and profit […]

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Crisis Communications 101

Handling a crisis is something that nobody wants to deal with. However, it is better to take the time to prepare for a crisis, rather than hope one does not occur. Depending on the size of the company, your crisis plan may be more or less complex. That’s why it is important to prepare for […]

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