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How to Improve Your Closing Skills- 3 Closing Methods

In our last blog post we introduced methods for preparing to close, trial closing, and reflected on the sales process. In this post, we will introduce the assumptive close, the calendar close, and the alternative close. For the final close, remember that if you have closed throughout the sales process, the buyer(s) most likely closed […]

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How to Improve Your Closing Skills

Closing is a learned skill set, not something that comes naturally to sales professionals. Although it may seem like a difficult skill set to learn, it isn’t. Some sales professionals use, or have heard of the acronym, ABC, which stands for Always Be Closing. It is true that you always want to be closing, but […]

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Helpful Models for Composing an Impact-Based Sales Presentation

We have already covered the importance of clearly articulating and presenting your solution to your buyer. Today, we will introduce two different models that sales professionals use to accomplish that goal. Both get the job done, but we prefer putting more work in upfront, and reaping the greater benefits down the road. For a quick […]

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Composing an Impact-Based Sales Presentation

A critical step in the sales process is composing and properly executing an impact-based sales presentation. Whether the presentation is informal or formal, the preparation and main points are always the same. It is important to avoid what we call the trap of “Unconscious Competence” which is the assumption that everyone we present to knows […]

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Choosing a Marketing Outsourcer

Choosing a marketing outsourcer can be an overwhelming task. There are many small and large details that must be addressed before any final decision is made. Selecting the right professional is a critical step in the marketing plan. You will need to find a professional whose services match your needs, has expertise in your industry, […]

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