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How to Obtain and Leverage External Referrals

Obtaining and leveraging external referrals is sometimes more difficult than acquiring the internal referrals. It is important to know when to ask for an external referral, and how to effectively leverage it. These referrals will allow you to further expand your business into the industry to which you are selling. In this blog post we […]

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How to Obtain and Leverage Internal Referrals

Internal and external referrals are extremely beneficial for expanding your business reach within the company and the industry to which you are selling. Internal referrals help ensure you know all the decision makers, the decision making processes, and the buying criteria for deals you are working on. External referrals make cold calls a little warmer, […]

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Overcoming Objections- Part 2

In our last blog post we introduced some of the different types of objections, the difference between an objection and a stall, and learned that objections and misalignment typically occur when the sales person did not uncover all of his or her prospect’s concerns, or when the sales presentation did not initially meet the needs […]

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Overcoming Objections- Part 1

Overcoming objections in the sales process is sometimes an intimidating ordeal. Your prospect may talk you or your company down, tell you how much better your competition is, and tell you that your prices are too high for the value of your product or service. These are all common objections, and ones that you, as […]

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