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Sales Skills- the Decision-Making Process

In our previous post, we discussed how to use the ODRC probing model to uncover key information from your prospect. In this post, we will learn about the 3 types of buyers, and their decision-making process. The buyers are the financial, the end user, and the technical buyer. Each one has their own set of […]

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Conducting an Effective Market Analysis- Part 2

Earlier this week we discussed the 3 groups of impacts: personal, organizational and financial. For a quick refresher, visit the post here. Today, we will discuss high and low impact needs, and how to develop an ODRC probing model to uncover them. An ODRC probing model allows you to access important information that will give […]

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Conducting an Effective Market Analysis- Part 1

Conducting an effective market analysis is a key component to the sales process. Knowing your market, industry, and market trends within the industry will give you guidelines for composing your sales pitch, your company overview, and will allow you to more effectively promote your product or services to your target market. Most people do not […]

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The Primary Components of Effective Prospecting

One of the most difficult sales skills to master is effective prospecting. There are many different road blocks that keep people from prospecting. Lack of scheduling, call reluctance, and ineffective planning are just a few. The greatest roadblocks when it comes to prospecting, however, are ineffective techniques. This aspect in the sales process is crucial […]

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Sales Training- Developing Your Company Overview

Creating an attention-grabbing and informative company overview sounds difficult, but in reality, there are only five key components required to compose an overview that will help you close more sales. Think of your company overview as your company‚Äôs resume. You have a history, experience, references, and contact information for your company, but what turns that […]

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