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Sales Skills- Building Trust and Rapport

Building trust and rapport is an important strategy when it comes to closing sales. Trust and rapport is establishing a connection with your buyer. It centers on learning who the decision makers are, the decision making process, and what your prospect’s buying criteria are. A key to closing sales is getting the data you need […]

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Creating a Simplified Marketing Strategy

There are three primary components to a marketing plan. It is a combination of marketing, advertising, and sales. Marketing is developing the strategies and messages, advertising is the way your messages reach prospects, and sales are the result of the prior two. There are four points to consider when developing a marketing strategy: Evaluation Messages […]

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Developing Your Company Message-Part 4

To wrap up this series, we will discuss how to enter a new industry or territory, and how to effectively use customer messages, case studies, and testimonials. Jumping into a new industry can be intimidating for any business. There are many different aspects to an industry to consider, and many different avenues you could take […]

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Developing Your Company Message- Part 3: Vertical and Solution Messaging Methodologies

In part 3 of our mini-series on messaging, we will discuss vertical messaging and solution messaging. As stated at the end of our previous blog post, vertical messaging is called niche or target marketing. Solution messaging requires that you step into your prospects shoes, propose a solution, and then enact the plan. Both methods of […]

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Developing Your Company Message-Part 2

Last week we discussed proof and value statements, and how to use them effectively. Part 2 of this blog post discusses the importance of mission and philosophy statements, as well as the value of internal marketing. Mission and philosophy statements must be molded in a way that briefly, accurately, and clearly states the mission of […]

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