Monthly Archives: February 2014

An Introduction to Public Relations

With a solid corporate image and corporate identity, it is now time to look at a brief introduction to Public Relations. Public Relations (PR) is an incredibly important facet of your business, and should be headed-up by a professional. Today, typos, poor grammar and apologies for a miss-communicated message are commonplace. If you want to […]

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From Company Image to Identity

Earlier in the week, we talked about company image. Today’s post discusses the importance of having a solid, uniform, well-structured company identity. You may be asking yourself, what is the difference between a company image and a company identity? A company image is how you stand apart from other companies. A company identity is the […]

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Does Your Company Image Stand Apart?

Company image is drastically more important now than it was ten years ago. Business has always been highly competitive, but today, your first impression could mean sealing the deal with a new prospect, or being overlooked. Don’t let that happen in today’s economy. There are 3 criteria for your image that will make your company […]

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