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How Can Your Company Handle PR Via Social Media?

Everybody’s talkin’. That is a given. You’re talking to your customers, prospects and other important constituencies. Your customers and prospects are talking to you. And they’re talking about you, too, probably more than they ever have before, thanks to the ubiquitous social media tools that we all know and love. So if you’re serious about […]

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Is Your Call to Action Producing Results?

There are many blogs that have discussed the much-touted call to action on your website; tracking analytics to determine effectiveness. Let’s take it one step further. Think about your call to action in more practical terms – while you’re meeting with prospects and clients. Are the people most responsible for saying yes or no to […]

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5 Steps for Implementing What You Learn

So, you just got done taking a SalesBasix module (or, heaven forbid, some other training) and you are asking yourself, “OK, what now?” First things first. If it wasn’t a SalesBasix module, pause here, go back and take a SalesBasix module, then proceed with this post. Sorry, I couldn’t resist! Seriously, if you are asking […]

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