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Learning How to Sell

There are more professionals today looking to learn how to sell. This is primarily because many non-sales professionals – accountants, attorneys, engineers and business owners, for example – are now being asked to sell in addition to their typical roles and responsibilities. The good news is that these requests often have a prize if sales […]

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Can Somebody Really Learn How to Sell Online?

The practice of online selling has become more and more prevalent in today’s business environment. The challenges in the economy, the advancements in technology, and the tendencies and technical abilities of our younger generations all impact this growth. Therefore, as an individual sales professional or as a corporation that needs to become proficient at selling […]

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Why Study Public Relations Topics Online?

One of the questions that SalesBasix owners and sales representatives sometimes encounter is, “Why should I invest the time and money to study the topic of sales/marketing/public relations/social media online?” The answers vary somewhat for each of the four main SalesBasix disciplines. In the case of public relations, the answer can go one of two […]

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Applying a Sheen to Your Reputation

When it comes to understanding the impact that public relations can have on a person or organization, there’s nothing like good ol’ fashioned Hollywood zaniness to help everyone understand how the concepts really should work. Take Charlie Sheen. Please. We all witnessed Charlie Sheen’s recent “media tour,” in which he blasted his Two and a […]

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