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What the Future of Online Learning Looks Like

Earlier this month, a computer named “Watson” won a Jeopardy challenge match against the show’s all-time best human contestants. Most of us saw that story on the news, but most people don’t know that Watson, developed by IBM, was actually named after that company’s founder, who reportedly said in 1948: “I think there is a […]

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You’ve Taken an Online Course; Now What?

Working through the concepts and tests in the SalesBasix modules is only the beginning. Once you’ve worked through the material well enough to gain a basic understanding, there are other things that you should consider, as well. Complete the Exercises In the SalesBasix modules that contain exercises, take advantage of this opportunity to “pick the […]

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How Associations Can Utilize E-Learning for Their Members

I am frequently asked, by all types of associations, how they can utilize e-learning for their members. Perhaps it is because e-learning is a hot topic. Maybe it is because members are asking their associations for more training – provided on the member’s schedule. Maybe it is because small to medium size businesses are choosing […]

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Why the Education Sector is Turning to E-Learning

Why e-learning? It’s a question a lot of people are asking, from executives responsible for maintaining a highly knowledgeable workforce, to independent professionals looking to improve their skill sets without the time commitment of more formal education. We’re doing some good work with our partners in post-secondary education, but since we’re primarily focused on giving […]

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