Interested in Partnering with SalesBasix?

Through our Affiliate Program, we partner with small and medium-sized businesses that offer sales, marketing, and social media services to their clients. SalesBasix training modules can integrate with your services, providing many benefits to you and your clients:

  • You can resell SalesBasix modules to your current client base, or pursue new clients
  • You don’t have to develop training on your own- you can use ours!
  • There are no upfront capital expenditures
  • Broadening your offerings can assist in long-term client retention and growth
  • It serves as an additional revenue stream
  • It creates residual revenue
  • SalesBasix modules can be used prior to custom training that you deliver; as reinforcement training to a topic that you already covered; or as add-on training on subject matter not within your normal range of training offerings

We understand the importance of maintaining control of the client relationship. To help you maintain that control, we can customize the approach and interactions between your client and the SalesBasix eLearning modules. For example, feedback from module exercises can be answered by our subject matter expert (SME) and forwarded to you for follow up, or the exercises can be sent to you to answer and provide coaching to your client.

When it comes to customization, you have the control. Just pick the module or modules you’d like, who you want to provide the in-module critique, and add us to your training program.

Our current partnerships include the companies below; we’d love to have you join us!